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Schedule – FALL 2021

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  • Gates open at 8:15 AM. All teams playing at 9:00AM are responsible for setting up the nets and flags.
  • Teams playing on Field A at 9AM  must set up AND take down nets and flags.
  • Teams playing on Daryl Damon at 10:45AM are responsible for taking equipment down and putting it away in the snack shed.
  • Please pick up after yourselves.
  • All games will start at their scheduled time if there are more than 7 players present for each team.
  • If a team cannot field 7 players within 15 minutes of the scheduled time, the game will result in a forfeit.
  • Home team is responsible for providing 3 QUALITY game balls and changing jerseys/putting on pinnies in case of conflict.
  • Each player MUST present a SLOWS ID to the referee before playing and must be active on the roster prior to the game. If it is found that an inactive player has played in a game and that team won, their win will be forfeited.