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Interested in playing on a SLOWS team?

Please click here to access our brief online player interest survey.

Responses will be forwarded to the League Registrar and she will place you on the Free Agent List which is available to all Team Representatives. Thank you for taking the first step in reaching out and joining our league! We look forward to kicking the ball with you.

Have enough friends to start your own team?

Please contact our Registrar and we will help you through the process, and introduce you to our rules and regulations! Players must be 18 years of age and have a valid form of identification.

Does the League assign players to existing teams?

SLOWS is a not-for-profit league that is run by Board Members that are also players, and we volunteer our time because we LOVE soccer. Games and seasons are organized by the Board, and individual teams are organized by their prospective Team Managers. Those managers have 100% control over their own rosters and will recruit based on what they are looking for as far as skill level, availability, and fit with the rest of the team.

I added myself to the Free Agent list but no one has contacted me – what should I do?

It could be as simple as the fact that all teams are full for the season, or it could also be because responses landed in your junk mail folder – when it doubt you can always contact our registrar just to be sure! 

What days are games played? What time are the games? How long are the games? 

Games are played on Sundays at either 9 AM or 10:45 AM.  We play two 40 minute halves with up to three certified referees per game.

How much is it to join SLOWS? 

Our League fees are paid by each Team as a whole – that being said the individual fee per player may vary depending on the need of each team, taking into consideration other expenses like jerseys, replacement balls, etc.

Where does SLOWS play?

SLOWS games are currently played at the Damon Garcia Sports Complex in San Luis Obispo, California. The fields are natural turf.

Will my team have practice? 

Team Managers are responsible for organizing practices during the week, so you’ll have to contact your Team Rep for that information.

I haven’t played in a LONG time, will any team want me? 

OF COURSE! We take players of all skill levels, ages 18+ ; some teams have players that are 40+. Our goal is to have a great time and PLAY SOCCER!



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